I am desperately trying to recall every precious memory.  You’ll notice them inside brackets written in pink so I can easily reference them.  At some point, I want to transfer/link all of them to this page.



  • Monday Jan 25

    • The plow came through at 5:30 am so I was up early.  I can’t remember when we came downstairs.  I remember Mommy made you a bowl of cereal and you got upset because you didn’t want milk in it and she didn’t hear you.  Being the frugal man I have always been, I told you to eat them anyways.  I remember feeling frustrated and upset, I told you that if you don’t eat that cereal you won’t be able to go out and play in the snow. You got so upset and took a bite of the soggy cereal with tears running down your face.  I couldn’t take it so I got up, got a new bowl and poured the cereal (dry) into the bowl.  I could see the relief on your face when I dropped it off on the tv tray and took away the old one.  (I’m glad I did this.  I never would have followed through with keeping you inside all day.  We had been cooped up in this house all weekend).
  • Sunday Jan 24

    • I started a fire right away because there was a cold chill in the house.  I remember you sitting close to me by the fireplace while I got it lit.  I pulled you on my lap and wrapped my arms around you.
    • We made french toast together.  I cracked the eggs, you mixed them with the milk.  We took turns dunking the bread and setting them on the griddle.  Once the first batch was done, I cut yours up and set you up in front of the TV while I finished the rest.  They turned out pretty yummy…I ate way too many.
    • It was nice out (finally) so I asked if you wanted to go out with me.  I put on your snow suit and asked you to sit down.  I slipped your socks on and stuck the toe-warmers on we had bought Friday.  I helped you put your boots on, and asked if they felt ok.  I had got the duct tape out and taped the lining of your suit to the boots.  They were rain boots and snow kept getting in them.  You stood up and put your jacket on.  I opened the hot-hands and we put them on with your gloves.  I slipped your hat on and asked..”all good”.  “Yep” you said with a smile.  Mr.Rod had snowblown a most of our driveway the night before, but there was still a slick layer of snow on the pavement.   We took turns sledding, we played together for quite some time. ( I hope I remember this when it snows, but I think that is inconceivable )
    • You went back outside with Mommy later.  I remember being so beat from all of the shoveling so I didn’t go out initially. I remember you and Mommy going on an adventure in the backyard.  You were trying to spot our bunny.  You and Mommy had such a tough time because the snow was so high.  I stood watching, smiling the whole time.
  • Saturday Jan 23

    • The blizzard was in full force.  We were eating cereal together downstairs.  You were giving me grief about eating too much of your cereal.
    • We watched A LOT of animal planet together
    • I remember you asking for snacks ALL day
    • We made it out later in the afternoon after the storm let down a little.  The first thing you did was make a snow angel.  I shoveled a small path out into the yard for us and Mil-Mil.  Your buddy walked all the way over in the deep snow to see you.  You guys played by the tree and in the path until his dad called for him.  I brought you inside because your little cheeks were all red and your fingers frozen.
    • I made frozen pizza for dinner, as usual I moved all of the pepperoni off a small section for you
  • Friday Jan 22

    • I left work early on account of the snow storm moving in.  You had an early dismissal, but Mommy was came home early to get you off the bus.
    • I made seafood stew for dinner.  I’m struggling to remember if you liked this one as much as the last one I made.
  • Thursday Jan 21

    • We walked back from the bus with Mil-Mil and your buddy.  You asked like you already knew the answer would be no “Can we go to Chick-fil-a?”.  I said yes and you had the biggest smile. It was going to be a long weekend at home and getting out was a good idea.
    • First we went to Khols to try and find some snow boots before the storm.  I was focused on looking at the boots, but you had your eye on some flashy new Sketchers with a pink rubber bottom.  We measured your foot in the men’s foot measuring thingy and you ran off to try them on.
    • We ate together in the restaurant and you played in the play room for a while.
    • We went to CVS after after eating.  You played with these little die-cast cars forever, begging me to buy you one.  I didn’t, but I really remember it being a struggle to tell you no.  I did let you buy some toe warmers and hot hands.



  •  You used to always sucker mommy and I into buying you those surprise bags at Target.  I loved to see you so excited when I said “I suppose you can get one“.  You used to ask me to open the bag but say “Don’t look, Don’t look, Please…let me have it“.  You turn and hide as you pulled the small trinket out of the bag and shout “Rainbow Dash!!!!”  Oh that smile, I loved your smile
  • We are making dinner in the kitchen. Mommy is not home yet.  I put on some music while we are cooking  ( I wish I could remember the song).  You love to help any chance you get! A song comes on and you say, ” Daddy, lets dance”.  How could I say no? We dance the same way every time…hold hands…move left, move right, then close together, then I twist you, then dip.  We giggle and start over…I love every minute of it
  • I was in the same yellow chase reading my CFA study guides while you played at the piano.  You were choosing different beat patterns and I would start singing non-sense that went along with the beat.  You give me that awesome giggle  and would choose a new pattern…I would sing a different one.  We were so silly. I think we must have gone on for 30 minutes or so.  I miss you so much
  • You used to lay right on Miller’s bed next to her and I would say “Clara, her bed is filthy and you’re gonna get all hairy”.  Compliant, yet undeterred to love on her, you just shifted around so your body was on the floor and your arms around her neck.  Miller was so lucky to have you. We all were are. I promise to give her the same amount of love.
  • I remember our first trip out to the bus stop.  It was a cool morning, the leaves had just started to turn.  As if the backdrop was not beautiful enough, there was a hot air balloon descending just beyond the tree line. I made you take this picture and I’m glad I did.  I remember being worried about you making new friends at school.  I took off work to unpack the house, but all I remember is watching the clock…anxiously awaiting your drop off time.  When the bus pulled up and you got off, I remember seeing a bright smile on your face.  I was so impressed.  You were so strong.  I knew you had a good first day
  •  I remember pitching to you at our old house in the backyard.  You used to insist I keep track of all the “home-runs” you hit.  I remember doing this several times last year and I loved every second of it.
  • I used to check the mail before I got you off the school bus, but I would always leave the dog biscuit.  I would walk Miller down to the bus stop and wait for you.  It was good for her to get the exercise.  You always used to greet and hug her first, but I can’t really be jealous.  Most of the time, You, Your school buddy and Miller would race home. Here I was, usually still in my dress clothes from work, was chasing two children and a dog down the street.  The neighbors must have thought I was nuts.  You went right to the mailbox in search of the treat.  I think this was one your favorite things to do on a daily basis.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of it everyday.  I love you so much.
  • Remember when I told you that hate was a bad word?  Just like the S* word. I used to say “Remember Clara, we don’t say hate”.
  • I used to always say things on purpose just to get a response. Like ” Clara, we’re having you favorite for dinner tonight!”.  You’d answer, “What Daddy, What!?”.  “FISH!” I’d say. Your response: “turn around”.  Knowing full well what was coming next, you’d swat me on the rear.  I’d smile, you’d smile, and we’d go on about our business.  My most memorable encounter like this was just a few weeks ago.  I don’t recall what you swatted me on the rear for, but that’s not important.  I remember that you did it really hard, and you knew it.  You immediately said, “I’m sorry”.  I sat down on the couch and said “Come here” in my daddy voice.  You put your hands over your mouth and shook your head no.  I said again, “Come here, Clara”.  You shuffled over in a scared like way.  I reached out and just gave you a hug and said “I love you”.  Was I a sucker? No, I don’t think so. You apologized again and we went on with whatever we were doing.